Minecraft Creative Tournament: Results

Build for NB

What is the NB Minecraft Creative Tournament Fundraiser?

Nourish Bangladesh consists of dozens of volunteers working together remotely from across the globe for free. As such, we don’t and probably never will have a physical headquarters. So for this competition, we asked participants to bring our virtual workspace to life with a Minecraft creative build! Particpants were asked to do two things, (a) Share a video of a virtual Nourish Bangladesh headquarters build they created in Minecraft, (b) Fundraise on our behalf to help feed the economically disadvantaged in Bangladesh. Our participants did an incredible job on both fronts!

Who took part in the tournament?

We had 11 participants from the US, UK, and Canada sign up. Nine of them turn in a build by the submission deadline.

Funds Raised & Impact

Total Raised: $2,222 USD
Number of Meals (Approx.): 24,864

Minecraft Build Submissions 

To see the build submitted by a specific participant click on their name below

Sayhan Ahmed Peter Archey
Wali Bhuiyan Omair Billah
Umair Hasan Atish Sisodia
Robert Steed Auria Zahir

To see all submissions 
visit the following playlist on our Youtube Channel:

Nourish Bangladesh Minecraft Creative Tournament Submissions 2022



Our judges had a very difficult time deciding given all the wonderful submissions. Here are the winners and honorable mentions:

Best overall: Omair Billah and Sayhan Ahmed
Honorable Mention: Wali Bhuiyan and Atish Sisodia

Most realistic*: Peter Archery
Honorable Mention: Umair Hasan

Most crazy creative*: Atish Sisodia
Honorable Mention: Auria Zahir

Most Nourish Bangladesh focused*: Wali Bhuiyan
Honorable Mention: Robert Steed

Most money raised: Wali Bhuiyan ($955)
Honorable Mention: Omair Billah ($795)

*Winners of best overall were not be eligible for these categories 

Award Ceremony

In case you missed the final Award Ceremony, no worries we recorded it for you (see below).

Nourish Bangladesh Minecraft Tournament Award Ceremony