Nourish Bangladesh secures tax-exempt status in the US

Nourish Bangladesh is officially registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. US donors can now receive tax deduction for all donations made to Nourish Bangladesh.

Funds in Action

Here are some pictures of our vetted organizations and volunteers providing food relief to economically disadvantaged communities in Bangladesh.

Facebook Fundraising for Nourish Bangladesh On Your Birthday

THANK YOU for offering your birthday to help fight hunger in Bangladesh by fundraising for Nourish Bangladesh.

Nourish Bangladesh: From The Field (Short Version)

We asked one Nourish Bangladesh vetted grassroots volunteers (A J Salim) and one NGO representative (Manusher Jonno Foundation) to tell us about the current situation in Bangladesh.

Our Vetted NGOs and Volunteer Groups

Here at Nourish Bangladesh we take vetting NGOs and volunteer groups we fund and direct donations to very seriously.

Nourish Bangladesh Volunteers: From the Field

We asked three Nourish Bangladesh vetted grassroots volunteers (Mithun, Salim, and Zisan) and one NGO representative (Manusher Jonno Foundation) to tell us about the current situation in Bangladesh

Nourish Bangladesh Update (October, 2020)

Nourish Bangladesh continues to leverage your support and donations towards funding food relief to income-poor Bangladeshis in the face of Covid-19, cyclone Amphan and widespread flooding.

Volunteer A J Salim distributing dry food among the flood affected households of Kurigram.

Nourish Bangladesh is proud to vet and fund volunteer A J Salim who is doing some incredible work in the Kurigram district of Rangpur Division.

Nourish Bangladesh: First Funding Cycle

In our first funding cycle, Nourish Bangladesh used funds raised in the US between 06/01/2020 and 06/22/2020 to fund 5 NGOs and 3 volunteer groups.

Welcome to Nourish Bangladesh

Welcome to Nourish Bangladesh! This video offers a quick overview of who we are and what we do. Thank you for your interest in Nourish Bangladesh.