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Food & Cash Transfer

Donations here are used for food distribution and cash transfers to a diverse group of economically disadvantaged Bangladeshi residents as they face covid19, floods, cyclones, and the Rohingya refugee crisis. Your donations are distributed among a dozen rigorously vetted implementers including non-profits (e.g. JAAGO, BDesh, Bidyanondo)

Winter Blanket Drive

Funds raised from the Winter Blanket Drive (WBD) will be used to provide blankets to poor families, particularly in North Bengal (e.g., Dinajpur, Rangpur) as they face significant hardship in dealing with the cold winter. Our implementing partners include Nourish Bangladesh vetted non-profit organizations and grassroot volunteers all across Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: Relentless Adversities

Despite its remarkable economic growth over the past decades, Bangladesh has unfortunately been consistently stricken by numerous crises. The Rohingya refugee influx in 2016, the devastating effects of COVID-19, and climate change induced aggravated natural disasters have caused immense socio-economic hardships for the people of Bangladesh. The drastic loss of livelihoods, during lockdowns and floods, have thrown major portions of the population at risk of starvation. Bangladesh urgently needs our help to tackle these calamities.


Listen to a brief description of what Nourish Bangladesh is all about from one of our board of director members and Vice Treasurer, Ethan Ellis

We help Bangladesh fight hunger

We are a diverse group of international volunteers, fundraising for the economically disadvantaged people of Bangladesh. In a food secure world, it is unacceptable to allow people to starve. Thus, our primary goal is to ensure emergency sustenance for those struck by catastrophes. While dry food distribution and cash transfer remain our primary focus, we are also involved in other emergency responses such as providing covid medical supplies, distributing winter blankets, and more recently venturing into WASH projects. We fund rigorously vetted NGOs and grassroots volunteer groups to deliver food when and where it is most needed.

Our main priorities: vet and fundraise

Real world change happening now

Meet our vetted NGOs and volunteers

Newsletter May 2021

Here's the May 2021 newsletter.

Making Each Dollar Count

Our aim is to collect and distribute donations to NGOs and grassroot volunteers who are making the biggest difference in fighting hunger and helping those in need. In addition to raising awareness and collecting donations, we are deeply committed to using funds most effectively.

Our commitment, expertise, and accountability ensures that every dollar contributed through us is utilized most efficiently. All members of the Nourish Bangladesh team are volunteers and do not work for any of the NGOs or grassroots projects we are vetting.

We urge you to join us in our fight to alleviate the plights of the Bangladeshi people and help save lives from being lost to hunger, poverty, natural disasters, and other emergencies.

Support & Nourish

 Nourish Bangladesh is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization

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A word from our donors

If there is one time that physicians are called upon to step up, it is during a public health and science crisis. However when it comes to pandemicis we know that individuals working alone is not sufficient. A public health crisis needs to involve the whole public working in concert to minimize suffering and deliver care to the greatest number. While medicine and vaccines are important, the first thing people need is food and shelter, followed by adequate sanitation. Clean water, public sanitation, sewers, has historically saved more lives then anything else. So donate to first fed and shelter those in need then support public health efforts along with education about these important issues. It will not only help those in Bangladesh, it also will make you healthier and happier. Doing good is good for your health. So be selfish and donate.

Cecile Zhao
Boise, ID, USA

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